Turmeric is a very common herb and it’s known as queen of spices. It is loaded with many health nutrients like Vitamin E, C, K, potassium, iron, protein, sodium etc. Due to this turmeric is known for treating many health problems and it’s used in many  medicines too. Here are some amazing and effective home remedies using turmeric:51pJAyBYQlL._SY300_

Acne: Acne is a very common problem for teenagers. You can treat acne easily by mixing equal amount of turmeric and honey in a bowl. Mixing the two components completely until a smooth paste is formed. This applies to the affected area, or you can apply to the entire face. Let it stay for 40-50 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Repeat this twice a day to get rid of acne fast young.

Colds: Colds are very common nowadays, and you  can’t  eat medicines every time you suffer from cold cough. But Turmeric is very effective in treating colds. Providing tea and turmeric mixed with one big spoon of turmeric in one cup of warm milk and mix it. Drink it daily as it fights cough and cold actually. Milk, turmeric is used since ancient times,

Sunburns: to get rid of sunburn mixture of turmeric 2-3  in one tablespoon of milk. This applies to the affected area, and they soothe your skin will be burned immediately. You can also use this mixture on your arms and face to get rid of tanned and pigmented skin.

Insect bites: You can treat insect bites by using natural remedies instead of using chemical preparations. Crush a handful of basil leaves so that you get a paste. Now add two tablespoons of turmeric powder in it, and also add some water to get a smooth consistency. Apply it to the affected area. It will soothe redness and treatment of insect bites.

Cuts: Turmeric comes handy for simple wounds as it’s natural and effective. Antibiotics may be properties even heal cuts and bruises on the spot. Just dab a generous amount of turmeric powder to reduce production and to allow her to stay was not affected for an hour. Will ooze blood and will also prevent infection.

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