Great Butt Exercises for Men

While many men focus on building a big wide chest and shoulders and huge biceps many will neglect their lower body and especially butt exercises for men which is a pity as women find muscular and tones behinds very attractive

So what do you need to do to achieve the male model type bum that women swoon over and men are jealous of? Well firstly you must adjust your workouts to focus on that behind to build the muscles you need to make it have the right firm shape.

You also ought to have the proper diet to form certain the fat that usually conceals nice muscles bum is burned away too.

This article will focus on the exercises you should employ first however.

5 Great Butt Exercises for MenSquats

  1. Squats

I love squats as you may be able to tell. They are great for your bum of course but also for flexibility, strength and if you do it with a barbell over the shoulder for the upper body too.

An all body workout like a squat also engages more muscle groups which releases more growth hormones which are essential for building muscle and also for losing weight if you are eating the right diet.




  1. Gluteus KickbackGluteus Kickback

This is where you get on your hands and knees with your head slightly raised and you lift each leg in turn backward raising your foot above your head until your upper leg is horizontal with your torso. The trick is to really SQUEEZE with your buttock that is attached to the raised let on the way up and down. Do it slow, the idea is to hold it there for a moment before coming down so you get a good quality kickback not a fast elastic snap which does nothing for the muscles.



  1. Step Upsstep ups

Simple concept, simple exercise you can do anywhere you have a slightly raised platform. Step up onto this platform using just your leg and bum muscle to propel your body upwards to stand on the step.

Easy if the step is low but when you raise that steps height to above the knee and later up as high as you can reach with your foot the more weight your leg and butt need to lift. Good for your core muscles too to keep yourself from flopping all over the place as you step.


  1. Standing Butt Squeeze Exercise

This is the easiest of all of them but is great to do if you work in an office or somewhere like it. Take a break and stand up straight with your feet forward and really SQUEEZE those buttock cheeks hard for about 2 seconds then release. To this again and again for a minute or so when you need and without any paraphernalia you can exercise the bum and keep firming it up.

  1. Leg Abduction Exercise

This is done by standing with your feet about hip width apart and feet facing forward. Raise one leg outwards to the side while still facing your foot forward. Raise it as high as you can while balancing, your torso may lean the other way a bit which is ok just do not make it too much. Hold it for a few seconds and squeeze your buttocks as you do this (see a theme?)). Repeat several times times for each leg.

Butt Exercises for Men don’t Go so much Enough!

As i discussed int he starting of this article butt exercises for men, or girls for that matterare not everything as a good bum is hidden below layers of fat if you’re not eating right. This was my drawback for several months of figuring out and frustratingly look my muscle grow however we hid by fat making me look big but in a husky way i was not happy with.

I had tried dieting before to see limited results which faded as soon as i stopped whatever fad me and my partner went on, i simply couldn’t loose the load particularly round the waist and bum.

Then in desperation trawling internet i found a extremely targeted guide simply on developing a good butt.

It almost seemed silly but when i looked int eh mirror i was proud of my chest and arms but my lower half prevented me from feeling really good and stopped me dressing the way i wanted too.

This guide targeted not on a way to diet however a way to really boost your metabolism to such some extent it might burn away the fat for you! My sluggish metabolism had been hold me back and that i had no plan a way to amendment it and this was the key!

IT additionally has video instructions for all the above than exercises and plenty of more thus it absolutely was a useful resources for obtaining a far better bum. Check it out below!



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